Location, Location, Location

There’s a saying in real estate that the three most important things to consider when buying a home are “location, location, location”.
While that may certainly ring true for buying a home, it is irrelevant in choosing a tax representative. Particularly when choosing a tax professional to represent you in a tax collection matter. One of the nice things about advancements in technology is it allows a tax professional to represent clients and deal with tax agencies without ever having to meet either face to face. Not that that’s a bad thing, only that its possible and therefore allows a taxpayer to choose the best tax professional they can, irrespective of proximity in location.
The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and all state tax agencies are used to working with taxpayers and tax representatives over the telephone, via correspondence, fax and to a certain extent via email. The IRS and many state tax agencies have multiple online tools that allow tax representatives with approved power of attorney on file to access information on behalf of their clients, including the ability to obtain tax return information, account transcripts, wage and income information and a host of other options, including negotiating installment agreements.
IRS revenue agents, revenue officers and state tax agency field agents are used to working with tax representatives that are not in their area. This allows taxpayers seeking the best tax professional for their particular needs to search nationwide for a tax representative with the necessary expertise to resolve their specific tax problems.
There are certain circumstances where you may want to hire a local Enrolled Agent or CPA. If you have unfiled business tax returns that involve substantial business records necessary to prepare the returns, e.g. 1120, 1065 or a complex 1040 return, the logistics of getting the necessary records to the tax professional may dictate choosing a local EA or CPA.
However, for most tax matters involving collection cases, including cases where there are unfiled tax returns, tax professionals who specialize in collection matters can handle your complete collection case from any location.
I specialize in representing taxpayers before the IRS and all state tax agencies. If your wages, bank accounts or other sources of income have been levied (garnished), call me immediately, I can obtain a levy release. If the IRS has sent you a Final Demand notice, contact me before IRS takes the next step which is levying your wages, bank accounts, or other sources of income. If IRS has seized assets, it’s not too late to get help. I can obtain a release of levy and get your seized assets released. My office is located in the city of Vista, CA which is located in the northern part of San Diego County, CA. I can resolve your tax problems with the IRS and/or any state tax agency nationwide. I offer a FREE CONSULTATION. I can represent you and resolve your tax problems no matter where you’re located. Call me today at 760-468-3506 or complete the form on my website for a call back today! Michael Rude, Enrolled Agent.