TRS Testimonials

“Mr. Rude, I just received the formal acceptance letter!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much. We are so ecstatic really still cannot believe this is happening right now… Again thank you so much!!”

—C.R., Murrietta, CA

“First of all let me say thank you very much for all your efforts resulting in releasing the levy on our bank account. I was very pleased to receive your email regarding the status of your negotiations with the IRS on our behalf.”

—R.C., Fallbrook, CA

“Thank you very much for all the support and attention. I’ve run from this for years, and with you I’m trying to do what is right. I really appreciate the guidance and support.”

—J.S., Orange Co., CA

“Oh my god. You are amazing!!! I cannot thank you enough. I am shaking right now. My shoulders are suddenly not as tense. Thank you mike!”

—A.M., Oceanside, CA

“I received your email. That is great news. I thank you so much for your diligent work!” A.T., Los Angeles, CA

—A.T., Los Angeles, CA

"Greetings Mike, Yes, I just received the letter yesterday. I have to send you a giant Thank You for making this happen. If you ever have a prospective client that wants a reference for your services, please feel free to give them my contact information. You really came through for me and made a major nightmare go away."

—B.C., San Diego

"Thank you for all your help this past year Michael you truly are an amazing person".

—M.L., AZ

AWESOME NEWS!!  You've made my night and day...THANK YOU, very much...You've got a loyal client.

—T.C., Wash DC