IRS tax filing

IRS tax forms, including IRS forms 1040 and other IRS forms can be downloaded directly from the Internal Revenue Service’s website at Go to, select Forms & Pubs and select either current or prior year forms and pubs. A search box allows input of the form number or part of the name of the form. If you need to file an IRS individual tax return, you can try and prepare the return yourself or find a tax professional to prepare the return. If you believe you have a simple enough tax return where you believe you can prepare and file IRS tax returns yourself, I suggest you use readily available software that can be purchased retail or purchased online and downloaded. If you have problems using the software, or are unsure that the return you’ve prepared is correct, I recommend you have a tax professional review the return prior to filing it with the Internal Revenue Service. If you have little to no knowledge of tax return preparation, or have any requirements to file various schedules, own a business, or have any other situation for which you do not have sufficient knowledge to prepare your own tax return, I recommend you seek professional tax preparation assistance. My article on How to Choose a Tax Professional provides tips on how to select the right tax professional for your needs.

If you need a copy of your IRS tax return or proof of your IRS tax filing for school loan purposes, or any other reason, you can obtain a copy of your IRS transcript for free from IRS. Go to Select Tools, then select “Order a Return or Account Transcript”. Follow the simple 3 steps to get your transcript. Most schools will accept IRS transcripts for tax return filing verification. If you need an actual copy of a return you’ve filed, go to, select forms and pubs, select current forms and enter “4506” in the search box. Select form 4506 and print it. You will need to complete the form and mail a check to IRS to get a copy of the actual return filed.

If you have any other IRS questions, including IRS tax filing questions or need IRS help, please complete the FREE CONSULTATION form on this website. I specialize in representing taxpayers before the IRS and all State tax authorities.